Полезные фразы для разговора.    1) other than – не считая  Other than that, I’m in good shape.   

2) in every sense of the word – в полном смысле слова 
It is total and complete garbage in every sense of the word. 
3) high and low – везде и всюду 
4) That’s the whole story – вот и вся история 
5) what about (smth/doing smth) – как насчёт 
What about the dolphins? 
6) just in case – на всякий случай 
7) from scratch – на пустом месте, с нуля 
8) on the edge of smth – на грани 
His parents are on the edge of divorce. 
9) at every step – на каждом шагу 
10) in place – на своём месте 
It’s all in place. 
11) all the way – от начала до конца 
It is sad, touching and made me want to cry all the way through. 
12) pure and simple – просто-напросто 
I wasn’t driven by joy, it wasn’t winning as much as terror, pure and simple — fear of losing.