Текст «Вера и религия». Beliefs and Religions (upper — intermediate)

Этот небольшой текст на английском языке c разбором для продолжающих содержит много полезных конструкций и выражений. В нем идет речь о различных религиозных течениях.

Christianity [kristi`æniti] — Христианство

Islam [`izla:m] — Ислам
Buddhism [`budizm] — Буддизм
Judaism [‘ʤuːdeɪɪz(ə)m] — Иудаизм

Words to understand / Слова для понимания:

human reasoning — человеческое мышление
background — прожитая жизнь
civilized — цивилизованный (antonym: a savage — дикарь)
to profess some religion — исповедовать религию
to alter = to change — изменить
to vary = to differ — различать
to reject = to refuse — отвергать, отказываться

Man the Believer (текст на английском языке)

All people believe in one thing or another. Our beliefs very much depend on our character, background and experience. Some people believe in the supernatural: for them the world can’t be explained scientifically. Others will argue with them and say that they believe only in those things that can be proved and that rely only on the power of human reasoning. Quite a number of people might call themselves fatalists: they believe that all events in our lives are predetermined by fate and therefore cannot be altered.

Meanwhile their opponents are sure to say that people themselves make their choices and decisions and are responsible for what happens to them. A huge number of people all over the world profess some religion Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judalsm or some other — and find in their religions answers to the most difficult questions.

Our beliefs are as varied as we are, that’s why a civilized modern man treats other people’s beliefs with respect, rejecting only those, which are immoral or lead to illegal action.

O.V.Afanasyeva, I.V. Mikheeva, 10th form, page 49